On Saturday night a man ( Tshepo) allegedly beat his 3 year girlfriend (Irene)again.

But this time she decided she was had enough.Irene Mere (39) from Bainsvlei, Bloemfontein got into a fight with her boyfriend of three years, Tshepo Pitikoe (39) and this time he came off second best.

Tshepo has burn wounds from his head down to his waist.Luckily his 4-5 was untouched and he was happy about that.

This was triggered when Irene refused when Tshepo wanted to sleep with her on Friday night but she turned him down.

Irene  “He moered me, stripped me n*ked and forced me to walk n*ked down the street,” she said.

Irene Mere and Tshepo Pitikoe

“I went to the cops but I did not press charges because I was drunk so I went back home,” she said.

She said on Saturday he attacked her again. When her neighbour tried to intervene, he attacked the neighbour as well.

The 55-year-old neighbour said Tshepo started kicking her in the ribs.

“I threatened him with the petrol for the generator but he said I was bluffing.

“That’s when I poured petrol over him and my daughter set him on fire,” she said.

“He rolled on the ground while removing his burning clothes and left.”

Irene said she is glad he didn’t die.

“But I am gatvol of this abuse. No man will love me with these marks.

“I’m moving out,” she said.

Tshepo said he went to the local cop shop and asked the police to call an ambulance for him.

“I have never beaten a woman in my life. I’m lucky that my manhood was not burnt,” Tshepo said.

Police spokesman Captain Chaka Marope said both parties have the right to open cases.


Marope confirmed that Tshepo went to the Bainsvlei cop shop after he was burnt.

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