SHE wanted to poke – he didn’t. Instead, he was thinking about the booze his friends were gulping down just outside his tent.

So he ran outside to get his share and that’s when the fight between the two homeless lovers from Sundra in Delmas, Mpumalanga, started.

Woman BEATS UP Boyfriend who REFUSED TO GIVE her S3X

The rejected woman came running out the tent with her black denim jeans still undone.

“Why won’t you poke me?” she screamed.

“Am I less important than booze? Answer me!”

Her lover, visibly drunk, put down the umqombothi bucket and defended himself from the blows, finally grabbing the pipe from her.

“You left me broke and thirsty,” he pleaded.

“You went to drink with your friends and didn’t care about me.

“You drank to your heart’s content and now you want to disturb my fun.

“I’m not going to poke you now. Wait until tonight.

“It’s my time to drink now.”

“That’s what you think. We’ll see where you sleep tonight,” she threatened.

But the fight was a long way from being over.

Soon bricks started flying and at least three struck his body before bystanders intervened.

“Please go home and poke for the sake of peace in our bush home,” they pleaded.

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