​DJ Donald Sebolai’s girlfriend did not die in his bed as he had testified, the High Court in Joburg sitting in Palm Ridge heard today.

Pathologist Dr Paul Morule, who performed the autopsy on Dolly Tshabalala, said she was already dead when he placed her on his bed and changed her out of her bloodied pyjama pants.

Looking at photographs of the crime scene, Morule said the evidence was in the blood that was found in Sebolai’s bed where Tshabalala’s body was discovered.

“The blood on the sheet is a blob. There are no scattered droplets around. In short, a disrupted artery bleeds exactly like a burst big pipe. The walls in this particular area, the floor and other surrounding areas, if the person had been alive, would have evidence,” Morule said.

He added that the size of the stain at the scene was also inconsistent with severe blood loss.

“One would have expected a much bigger patch or blood stain,” said Morule.

Sebolai’s lawyer, Thabang Mathopo, attempted to dispute the pathologist’s evidence and questioned whether the pyjama pants she had worn would not have hindered the blood from splattering at a distance.

Morule said unless the clothing worn was waterproof, the blood would have reached the walls.

Sebolai has testified that his girlfriend had sustained injuries as the two of them struggled over a knife which she had used to stab him in the hands, accusing him of cheating.

He told the court that Tshabalala had made a sound when she was stabbed and stood in a hunched over position and bled severely at the place where she was stabbed.

Sebolai said there was a lot of blood on the floor and on her pyjama pants. He claimed to have helped Tshabalala to his bed, he then mopped the bloodied floor and called out to Tshabalala, telling her he would take her to hospital once he was done.

The former Jozi FM DJ said he later helped Tshabalala out of her bloodied pyjamas. He claimed that she had assisted him in undressing her.

Sebolai testified that he then took Tshabalala’s bloodied clothes and the knife which had injured her to the car.

He claimed he was shocked to return and find her unresponsive.

The wound that Tshabalala suffered gashed an artery causing her to bleed to death.

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