EFF are mobilising for “practical action” to address inequalities in the country – and their first target is Absa bank.

“We very serious, we want to benefit from our economy,” party leader Julius Malema told the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Johannesburg on Friday.

“We now moving into practical action, we’re tired of talking. We’ve been talking for far too long now. Let each company produce its commitment of how it’s going to address the inequalities in South Africa, not theoretically, we have been listening to theory for far too long.”

Malema said the EFF has established a special task team which would start work next year – and first on the agenda was occupying Absa.

“[We will] occupy Absa, each and every branch of Absa, until we are given a practical programme of action on how the bank is going to intervene to resolve the inequalities in society.

“We targeted Absa because it is the amalgamated banks of the Broederbond… who operated during apartheid and stole our money on the eve of democracy.”

Malema did not give a date or time, but said on one day 3 000 EFF members would occupy each branch of Absa around the country.

The EFF had put together a list of all the branches and had assigned an individual to mobilise a minimum of 3 000 people who would “get into Absa peacefully”.

“If they don’t want that, they must start talking. Next in line is FNB. We will attend to them one by one,” he said.

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