I didn’t know that life can be this difficult. This was a real turning point in my life. It’s not very far back when I had had 12 years on a job, happily married and everything seemed to be going very well for me.

I remember that night like it was yesterday and even up to now I wonder if I wasn’t a man of God what I would have done.

I got home from work to find my wife of 15 years with another man in bed and I was shocked and hurt to the core. I didn’t know what to do so I went for a drive to calm myself and returned home later on.

She was there and I didn’t say anything I went and sat down opened my laptop and started reading my emails. Horror struck again for the second time in one day, there was an email from my HR manager telling me that I was on unpaid leave pending investigations for embezzling company funds. Surprised and worried I replied asking whether I should come in for them to do lie detector tests but I got a reply immediately that said “no need for that when we need you we will call you, but we suggest you start looking for other options”

I knew this was the work of the devil and I knew I had to work fast to get things in order. That night though I could not pray I was too angry I didn’t want to talk to the Lord when I was angry so I sat some more browsing websites looking for a job.

One week went by and no call, one month went by still no call but I made it a point to pray all the time everyday. My wife was still there we didn’t talk much more for the fact that she expected me to get angry when I caught her cheating but I didn’t and that killed her spirits, she didn’t know how to act or what to say to me.

Things continued like that for 3 months until one night I said to her “I forgave you the day I caught you cheating, I don’t know why you did it and frankly speaking I don’t want to know but if you still want this to work you got to prepare yourself for the worst because we are running low on funds and we might lose the house and car” she did answer she just started crying.

Next thing I know she is joining me in my prayer sessions and together we started looking and seeking God’s grace. Things didn’t even change instead I was fired from work without any benefits, we lost the house and car and had to move in with my brother. My wife being a fan of shopping surprised me when she tagged along, I really expected her to leave me by now. Things were difficult for months and I still didn’t have an answer but still we kept praying.

We worked on our marriage and discussed all that went wrong, we solved our differences and we were happy again. At least I knew that part was solved still I didn’t have a job and still we were broke, dead broke to be exact.

After our usual prayer 1 night we went to sleep and funny enough I had a dream. This was funny because I never remember my dreams but this one I remembered every exact detail of it. In the dream a voice told me to borrow $20 from my brother and go to the stock market and buy a certain stock. The voice went on to give me the time I should go and who I will speak to when I get there and how many shares I am going to buy.

I woke up told my wife the dream and she said we must go and try it never hurts to try. I spoke to my brother and he chipped in and gave me the $20 dollars I needed and off we went to town. I reached the offices and there he was the man in my dreams I told him that I wanted this stork and he helped me all the way. I managed to buy 19 shares from my $20 just as instructed in the dream.

We went home me and my wife and as usual we prayed and prayed. One week went by and I had the dream again this time telling me that exactly 3 days from that day I must go and sell the shares that we bought and buy another 500 shares for another company. I woke up and told my wife and we prayed about it for those 3 days and we went and sold the stock and bought the other 500. The $20 had made $4500 and I knew God was talking to me in my dreams and I was going to obey him.

We went on our daily lives and my wife started a small business selling houses for a local real estate and in no time she sold a big plot and got more than $15000 in commission and we were happy that something is coming to light. She surprised me when she gave me all of that money and said I must still go and buy the very same shares we bought last time.

I agreed and did as she said and we now owned more than 2000 shares of that company and we hoped and pray that the stock won’t depreciate in value. I had another dream again telling me that my suffering is over and that my turning point was near and that I must not forget to pray whatever money or success I get.

I told my wife and we spoke about it and assured each other that we will keep on praying no matter what happens. A week later I got a letter telling me that I was now the major shareholder of one of the most successful companies in the world. Our stock or shares were now valued at more than 1 million dollars and that I should come in for a meeting.

My wife got home from work and found me all happy as I could not wait to share the good news, little did I know that she had good news of her own. Things were going well now more than ever my wife had made a huge sale on a celebrity mansion and got more than $200000 commission. That’s good news again in 1 day we celebrated with my wife and brother and we prayed and thanked the Lord for this turning point.

I went in for my meeting and was surprised to find my old boss there, yes the guy who fired me for no reason. He looked surprised again when he saw me and the moment when he realized who the major shareholder was he looked uneasy and was sweating. I later found out that the company I worked for 12 years and was fired from was now one of my many companies through the stock I bought. This really was a turning point, I was now the boss to the man who fired me and made my life like a living hell. I thought this was a real test and I knew God had a point to prove. I said nothing to my ex-boss and we simply concluded our meeting. I said I wanted to be a silent director and work from home.

Life seemed back to normal again, I was happily married and had a good job not to mention a happy family. My wife was expecting and so she bought us a new house through her work ofcourse. We thanked my brother for letting us stay with him for more than 6 months and as a thank you present I gave him his $20 back but times 10000. He was happy and said he would start his own business or maybe invest in the stock market as well. We all had a good laugh and enjoyed ourselves.

Up to now we pray more than ever and we have a baby boy and we are doing very well. We are happy and our life change for the better since that dreadful night. Good thing I kept on hoping and praying. Believe me, God works in amazing ways.

Never lose hope and nomatter how bad it get keep praying. Pray some more when you get more bad news and know that your turning point is near and god gives you your blessing at the best time. Also never compare your life with other people’s lives as we have different problems and beliefs.

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  • Anonymous


  • cuthbert

    Praise God. count it all joy when you fall into diverse kind of temptations

  • Anonymous

    Thank you this is for me,l will keep on praying
    . I am facing big challenges in my life l was about to give up.

  • olushola oshin adebogun

    Amen,its so inspiring