What seemed to be a journey to work for some taxi commuters turned to tragedy and fear of their lives after this taxi smashed to the behind Termo king truck plate number CX53NW-GP.

The Taxi driver was not to blame for the first time, the truck was following behind the taxi and when the taxi was dropping off a passenger the truck must have been frustrated as the taxi stopped in front of him. The Truck driver blocked the taxi on a short street so the taxi won’t continue its journey. As the truck moved the taxi started following behind thats when the truck immediately stopped in front of the taxi to block him again. The taxi driver had no room to react and he smashed behind the big truck.

The truck driver started driving recklessly to block the taxi from over-taking him. The taxi managed to overtake and blocked the truck, passengers in the taxi were now screaming as the Truck was moving from lane to lane swerving the truck as to block the truck. One passenger was hurt in this accident as she hit her face behind the drivers seat.

The truck was beaten and taxi driver and his truck windscreen was smashed as the taxi caught up with the truck.

Truck driver



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