Uzalo actress, Nyalleng Thibedi, shared a pictures on Instagram and offered some advice to her followers: “If someone dare question your self worth or beauty turn around……show them the other view.

“I do it mostly for mental reasons, to shut out the noise and try to go back to who I am. There’s a lot of pressure in the entertainment industry.

“The challenge of acting is that you open up your soul and everybody can see through you. It makes you vulnerable.

“Some actors end up doing drugs because there is so much emotional strain.

“Being well-grounded and rooted is a big issue. If you forget who you are in an industry that opens you up so much, you can just imagine how wrong things can go.”

Now at her most confident, there’s no stopping Thibedi. Her latest project – water – is bottled in Alexandra, Johannesburg, and sold at selected garages in Gauteng. She hopes to go national soon.

Her acting career is also going up.

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4Nyalleng Thibedi