Thin line between Love and Hate 2– Life has been going on well and work was fine, my relationship with my family had improved and I had started to go to church. I still found myself missing Charity I thought she was the right woman for me but it seemed God had other plans. I still hoped and wished I could have someone to share my life with. I no longer hated her i just missed her. Seemed i had crossed that thin line between love and hate again.

My faith in God grew and I began to realise that it’s me who saw Charity as a good lady for me but maybe in God’s eyes she was just the opposite. It was not long till i received an email invitation to Charity’s wedding. I was puzzled that she remembered to invite me but I accepted all the same. We were friends and through church I had learned to forgive.

I went to the wedding and since I wasn’t seeing anyone I went alone. I met with Charity before the ceremony and she apologised for disappearing. We made up and started talking and catching up, just then there was a knock on the door and in walked in a lady that I thought was an angel from God. She looked stunning, she looked beautiful and I was caught staring.

Charity: I knew you would like her

Me: mmmm, uuughh (I was at a loss for words and Charity just laughed at me)

Charity: Admire, this is my cousin Loretta, Loretta meet Admire, my long lost friend that I told you about. And since the 2 of you are both single I am sure you can work something out. (she said this with a huge grin on her face)

Loretta: how are you Admire, I have heard lots of good things about you, I wonder if it’s true?

Me (Admire): I am sure all of it is true (I said with a laugh) 

We went to the ceremony and the wedding was wonderful, I now had a date Loretta and we were enjoying ourselves. I danced with her many times and it was nice, it somehow felt normal, like we were meant for each other. My mind told me not to trust anyone associated with Charity, but I pushed that thought out and try to focus at the matter at hand, a slow dance with the beautiful successful Loretta.

I saved a dance for my dear friend Charity and we spoke a bit and she said goodbye as she was going to her honey moon soon after the reception. “Take care of my cousin, she is not like me, she is sensitive and special” she said with a kiss on the cheek and left to join her new husband.

I don’t know why but I just nodded OK and went back to dance with Loretta. When the wedding was over we exchanged numbers and I was on my way. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and so I thought i should pray and ask the Lord if she was the right one for me. I prayed and asked God for a sign, anything that would make me know that Loretta was for me.

The next weekend I had a blind date with a lady that my mother had set up for me. “Just go on the date maybe you will like her” my mother had said. I thought I could go quickly and see this lady who was the daughter to my mother’s friend. I prepared and went out to meet Patience funny enough I could not stop thinking of Loretta, I felt like I was cheating on her “but then that can’t be cheating if we are not in a relationship” I kept telling myself. I arrived at the restaurant where I was to meet Patience and she wasn’t there so I waited and told the waiter that I am expecting company.

As I was waiting I saw that beautiful lady again, I saw that beautiful smile, and it was Loretta. “But what is she doing here” I asked myself. She smiled at me and we hugged and I offered her a seat.

Me: hey what are you doing here?

Loretta: I am just here for a date, I don’t know if the guy is here yet… a blind date..

Me: hahaha me too, it’s this lady I don’t even know my mother has been pushing me to meet her

Loretta: who are you supposed to meet here, if I may ask?

Me: Patience you? 

She didn’t say anything she just stood up and kissed me, “I am Patience” she said. I was surprised but there it was the sign that I needed.

To be continued:::::::::

Last Part Coming Soon so sorry for the Delay

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