There have been several beheadings in the terrorist attack on the Garissa University College in Kenya, survivors of the attack said today.

The revelation came in the midst of the attack on the university, which is still ongoing, with gunshots still being heard from the vicinity of the university’s hostel grounds.

Winnie Njeri, one of the escapees, told News24 Kenya that she saw beheaded bodies when she was rescued by Kenya Defence Forces personnel.

“We saw beheaded bodies when we escaped. It is very bad, they have killed many people,” an emotional Njeri said.

Omar Ibrahim, also a student at the university, said that there were several bodies which had been badly disfigured by the attackers.

“I was in a group that was saved by the KDF just after one o’clock. We saw many many bodies, some did not have heads. I don’t know why someone would do such a thing,” a visibly disturbed Ibrahim said.

Reports also stated that the number of dead could be well over the 100 mark, as the group struck at a time when there were many students asleep in the hostels.

So far, official figures state that 20 people have died in the attack, even though a quick survey at the Garissa hospital mortuary as well as Kenya Red Cross officials stated that there were over 60 bodies that had been accounted for.

It is understood that there were just over 700 students in the university compound at the time of the attack, with the government saying that just over 280 had been accounted for.


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