Stolen Love Part 3… Grace couldn’t believe that Lisa thought that she had taken Rick from her. She sat, in deep thought. Like a whirlwind, her thoughts shifted from this event to the events that took place 3 years ago. She found herself talking loudly to herself.

Grace: Lisa, how could you do this to me? How could you hold a grudge for 3 years and to top it all up believe that I went to the party with Rick because I have taken……. Before she could finish the statement, she heard the reply from the person she thought was out with John.

Lisa: Oh, Grace, it is agonising today that I have taken John from you? How stupid of you to forget what you did, but remember and I know. I know what you did and I know why.

Grace: What do you mean?

Lisa: An axe forgets but the stump never forgets, you knew 3 years ago that I was double crossing Rick with Victor and you took that as an advantage to take Rick away from me. You always made good remarks about him!

Grace: Does that mean that I loved him? Listen to yourself Lis!

Lisa: Oh, whether you took him or not heavens knows what is beyond human nature. I just found it best to take away your beloved John so we may become even. Don’t you blame him because I charmed him and he could resist all this ha-ha. She giggled like a witch jubilating over the death of her victim then added, By the way I forgive you, and you may now take John back. My 3 year old grudge is now gone. Did you ever sleep with him?

Grace: What?!

Lisa: of course not and I know that and believe it!. He is so sweet and I had him screaming my name in no time. I don’t know about positivity but we did it live and direct. Am sorry about that hahaha, let me take a bath and rest, heavy work out if you know what I mean *wink*

She vanished leaving her sister in floods of tears which ran through her cheeks like two adjacent rivers approaching a delta. She never loved Rick but just followed his requests. In fact she went to a party with Rick once and had left early after Rick asked if she could marry him since Lisa had refused. John was all she had and loved even by then, their love was just 6 months old but had potential. Her agony was infuriated when she remembered the promises John had made to her. All the promises, the funny moments, the good and bad memories and all the days they spent together, everything transforming into nothing better than painful history. She felt taken away from the earth, She went to the bathroom, Lisa was not there, she went upstairs and found Lisa sitting on the bed .

Grace: Lis, the devil has taken your soul and driven you into wickedness. A Christian, a grandchild of a pastor……….

Lisa: Spare me Grace, why are you here? To justify my wickedness while accusing me of injustice. If I committed a crime or an offence, the police station is down the road, go make a report. Grace kneeled, held Lisa’s hands and looked into her eyes. Lisa felt uneasy, Grace found her words , sighed then said:

Grace: Lis, how must I prove that nothing happened between me and Rick? He asked me to marry him because you had denied him and I refused. There is blood flowing within our veins that makes us who we are. Blood that was flowing in our fore fathers, a blood that erases hate in my mind. I see you hate me Lis, but I love you. I would never do anything to disturb you, morally, physically and emotionally.

Lisa found it funny and her heart remained as hard as a block of gold. Even though it was touching, she felt her sister Grace was still lying and so had to pay. She looked at Grace, saw her in tears and spoke up, “crocodile tears and for heaven’s sake get out of here, this is my room!”

Without a word Grace left the room, at the doorstep she found her epilogue of the day: “Lis, blood and water are two different things, their thickness is different too. There is no blood in water but there is water in blood………….”

Part 4 coming soon

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