You know, Rick asked me to marry him”, Lisa told her sister Grace with a little excitement in her voice

“I told him I am not interested in marriage as yet, look Grace I am only 19 and I want to go to school and finish up with my education then my career then marriage. I told him to wait for me for 4 years if he can” Lisa said, with a portrayal of agony and confusion mixed in one pot. Grace was speechless for a moment and then spoke up, “geez Lisa love only strikes once in a blue moon better yet once in a lifetime”.
Lisa: Ya I know sis, but marriage is not an easy thing it’s a big step and besides I don’t think I love him that much to spend the rest of my life with him.
Grace: but Lis the man is offering himself and his love to you, why then are you with him if you don’t really love him?
Lisa: the man has potential and is very good in bed not mention rich too…. Haha
Grace: What about Victor? Is he still in the picture?
Lisa: oh yes, he is still there, girl you know he was my first and those are difficult to get rid of lol… not to mention that the first cut is the deepest…
Grace: Lis you are becoming selfish by the day! Clearly you don’t know what you want. Anyway let me meet this Rick and maybe I can really help after seeing how ugly he is.
Lisa: you got that right! Ugly but rich and dresses well too. Will tell him to come over tomorrow after work is that ok?
Grace: its perfect
At around 5pm Rick arrived at Balfour Park shopping centre and found Lisa and her sister waiting for him. “Am I late?” Rick started. “No, a boss is never late.” Lisa replied
“Which is the best place for you, Lady Lisa, Chicken Licken or?…….” “Anywhere,” Lisa replied. They sat while the waitress was preparing their requests. “Ricky babes, this is Grace, my sister. Grace meet Rick” “ Nice to meet you Grace, I must say you look very beautiful number 2 from Lisa here.” Rick said in a laughing manner and the girls just smiled back at him. “ooh my he is a charmer too, nice to meet you too and I like you already!” Lisa added.

After the good meal Lisa and Rick kissed each other goodbye and the 2 sisters were on their way home and Lisa was the first one to speak up, “So how is he? You were not saying much “
“Very handsome, didn’t find any default on him, you speak of Victor but he is jus a poor chip-shit who cannot satisfy your future needs. Yes Vic might be your first but after today I fancy Rick,” Grace advised.
Lisa: I can see where this is going, I go for Victor and you take Rick for yourself if he proved to be nicer to you!
Grace: How dare you Lis?

Grace was surprised by her young sister’s words and was left speechless and in deep thought. Lisa was already upstairs and seemed angry, what started as a good day has just ended on a bad note. The following day found Grace busy cleaning her father’s yard. “Lady Grace”, the voice was familiar but the approach was unique. She quickly stood right up, turned and said “Rick, you scared me, how are you doing?”
Rick: ooh, how am i? haa-ah , how can I be fine when your sister, after all the love I have shown her the only thing she could do was deny my proposal . You know I don’t lament over cash but love is so painful, you feel me right?
Grace: yeah I feel you and I will talk to her for you if you wish.
Rick told Grace that he didn’t need an intermediater concerning his marriage thing with Lisa but rather needed a good friend. Grace noticed the colour of Rick’s eyes and how handsome he seemed but neither felt passionate nor emotional towards him. Instead she felt pity for her sister for denying such a good man. You know its true that one man’s toilet is another man’s bedroom or one man’s meat is another man’s poison but in this case woman.
Rick asked Grace out to a party the next day and at first she said no but he insisted on his subject until she agreed. Grace might have seemed easy to catch but was very tough in mind and so she told herself “but never think you will win my affection coz Lis is my only sister and I will never let her down”

Grace remembered this day like it was just yesterday, tears started to form in her eyes as she finished reading chats between Lisa and Mercy. It has been 3 years but seems Lisa still had a grudge of what she thought was the stolen love between her and Rick.


To be continued….

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