Coming up on isiBaya this October 2016:

Qondi was hospitalised for an unidentified illness, Fezile rejected Kaone, and Mabuyi settled into her new home.

Mpiyakhe has a solution to the taxi crisis but he struggles to get support from the United Taxi Association board. Zama goes on radio to talk about her family and she outrages her mom Beauty, who isn’t happy about the publicity for the family. Later, Mehl’emamba tries to get to the bottom of Qondi’s illness.

17 – 21 OCTOBER
Samson and Judas are in cahoots and scheme to involve the United Taxi Association board so that Mpiyakhe doesn’t win votes for his idea on how to handle the problematic taxi routes. Mehl’emamba is shocked when he discovers the cause of Qondi’s illness and immediately rushes to tell her that witchcraft is to blame. Feeling a little better, Qondi returns to eBhubhesini where she’s on a mission for justice. Sihle cowers when she learns that Mehl’emamba knows what happened to Qondi, and Jabu and Zama are falling more in love with each other, while Fezile focuses on learning to walk again.

24 – 25 OCTOBER
Zweli doesn’t believe Sihle when he questions her about Qondi’s illness, and Iris is at breaking point and reaches out to Jabu for help but Jabu’s attempt to help doesn’t go as planned.

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