SHE was born a boy but grew a pair of breasts!

Tholang Motsumi (25) from Allanridge in the Free State said she was born a male but as she grew older, she realised that she was different from other kids.

“I used to play with girls. I connected more with them than I did with boys.”

Tholang told Daily Sun that growing up was a hard battle for her.

“I grew up in a small town and it was tough . . . I never enjoyed my childhood. The community knew about gays and lesbians but an in-between didn’t exist.

“People did not understand me, so as a result I was judged and insulted,” Tholang said.

She remembers praying to God during her teen years asking Him to take her.

“I did not understand why I was living this miserable life,” she said.

“My mum’s friends would mock me and tell me that I would never be a girl. They asked me why was I playing with girls and dolls.”

Tholang Motsumi

Tholang said even her mother took a while to accept her for who she is.

“My grandma accepted me from the beginning and used to buy me dolls. That used to make my mother furious and she would buy me cars instead.

“But as soon as I began growing breasts, she realised that I did not choose to be like I am.”

Tholang moved to Joburg in 2009.

“My passion was being part of the television industry, but I soon came to realise that the industry was prejudiced. We are not recognised. If that industry will not accept us, it will be hard for society to accept us.

“We just want a little bit of recognition. If shows in America can make a place for transgenders and hermaphrodites and can even create roles which create awareness, why can’t we do it in this country?” she asked.

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