Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) has warned against the spreading of false information after a motorist was allegedly prevented from renewing his license disk due to an outstanding e-toll debt.

Last week, a Tshwane Metro Police officer reportedly told the motorist he could not renew his disk because a warrant had been issued for his arrest over the outstanding debt.

The South African National Road Agency Limited (Sanral) said no arrest warrants are being issued over e-toll fines and has urged motorists to report cases of this nature.

The JPSA’s Howard Dembovsky said, “If there are any existing enforcement orders or outstanding arrears and penalties or arrears of licensing fees, those are the only things plus a warrant of arrest that can cause your license disk not to be renewed.”

Sanral said it still plans to offer motorists a 60 percent discount as well as link e-tolls to the annual renewal of license disks, but these changes will take longer.

In May, Ramaphosa announced a new model for e-tolls which would see many costs for consumers halved.

The deputy president said there would be a single reduced tariff of 30 cents per kilometre and this will apply for all motorists.

This is a 50 percent reduction and applies to light motor vehicles.

“If a person was paying R450 they will now pay R225 per month. All users who do not pay tolls in the required 30 days will have to pay double. This will be capped.”

To ensure compliance, motorists will have to pay their toll bills before renewing their car licenses.

Ramaphosa said outstanding e-toll bills will be reduced by 60 percent.

Users will also benefit from 30 free gantry passes a year. Public transport, including buses and taxis which have permits, will remain exempted.

Ramaphosa said the ‘new dispensation’ will be implemented in phases.

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