Sanral gets celebrities to endorse e-tolling.

Its new advertising campaign features Minnie Dlamini, Khanyi Mbau and DJ Tbo Touch, with each endorsing e-tolling with the catch phrase “I’m for e-tolls”.

But the execution of the ad oozes cheesiness and lacks authenticity.

Dlamini gushes: “At the end of the day, e-tolls are for a higher quality of life, for better roads, for efficiency, for safety.

“And, as a woman who drives a lot, I’m for all those things.”

Actress and socialite Mbau earnestly lists the benefits of using the Gauteng freeways.

“Look, I’m for the safety e-tolls propose, but I’m not for the amount they want. I’m not for how much they bill us.”

It seems some people weren’t sold on the idea that the celebrities were truly “for e-tolls”.

@GeeKaySA said: “@MinnieDlamini Shame on you for joining the government’s propaganda machine to promote #etolls.”

@MongMobu said: “#Sanral using Khanyi Mbau to convince people to buy into #etolls – desperation. Wonder which white person are they using to convince whites.”

Sanral was unable to comment before The Times went to press. The agency said the issue was “complex” and it needed time to formulate a response.

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