A few more details have come out around the Samsung Galaxy S7 from case manufacturer DHGate, who is offering a number of low-cost Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Plus cases. The cases are wrapped around (presumably) dummy S7 handsets, and the images match up with previous leaks around Samsung’s flagship device.

The cases may be listed at under two dollars per unit for wholesale distribution, but the tooling and manufacturing required for these cases does not come cheap. Building cases for unreleased smartphones early is a gamble that the physical information is correct – get it right and you’ll be one of the cases available at launch when people go looking. Get it wrong and you’re left with a lot of stock that not only doesn’t fit the new handset, but rarely fits any existing handset either.

The fact that the case design tallies up with the leaked design schematics that allowed CGI renders of the Galaxy S7 to be created lends more credibility to that previous leak. It would be unlikely that DHGate would commit to tool-making on the basis of a single source of information.

It also confirms that the Galaxy S7 family will continue to follow Samsung’s current design language of strengthened glass on the front and rear of the smartphone, with thin metal edging carrying the buttons and ports around the sides. The plans and the case show the S7 family using microUSB for connectivity and not USB-C, and do not feature any flaps or gaps that would suggest a return of microSD for expansion (although with a number of manufacturers adding microSD cards into the SIM tray in a piggyback arrangement that’s not a definite indicator).

Galaxy S7

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