An elderly man from the North West whose throat was cut by robbers with a samurai sword does not want to live anymore.

Roger van Parys, 71, has been left extremely traumatised after the attack last Thursday, said Sharon van Pieterse, a neighbour who lives in another house on the property between Rustenberg and Moonooi where Van Parys was attacked.

Five robbers pounced on Van Parys early last Thursday morning when he went to the bathroom.

They tied his hands and feet and dragged him through the house with a gun to his head.

When they wouldn’t accept the jewellery he tried to give them, they put a sword to his throat. Van Parys sustained cuts to the mouth, neck and oesophagus. Three of his ribs were broken and he has abrasions all over his body.

Pieterse said Van Parys has recovered well physically and could be discharged from hospital on Monday.

“He doesn’t eat because he’s so shocked and also doesn’t drink his medicine. He is still struggling to talk and says there is nothing left for him. The robbers also wanted to burn him with a hot iron but they couldn’t find a wall socket quickly enough.”

Came from Belgium to live in SA

According to Pieterse, Van Parys started to become depressed after his wife, Cathryn, died of cancer four years ago.

When they were young, they emigrated from Belgium to South Africa. “They have a son and daughter who both live abroad and who Roger isn’t in contact with anymore,” said Pieterse.

Van Parys’s truck, which he used to transport and sell wood and charcoal, was stolen in the robbery, along with two cellphones.

“He will come back here [to his house], because he has nowhere else to go,” she said.

“We have everything ready for him at home and have a guard now patrolling every night.”

Mario van Wyk, a tenant, was shot in the thigh and dragged into a field. Pieterse said the robbers threatened to set him on fire.

He has been discharged from hospital, she said.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Kelebogile Moleko said on Sunday no one had been arrested.

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