Police executed a crime prevention and clean-up operation which commenced at 03:00, resulting in one arrest and more than 80 people being searched, identities established and fingerprints checked to see if they were in the criminal data base and had outstanding warrants of arrest to their names.

More than 90 SAPS members, Tshwane Metro Police officers and security officers from Inter Active, Hi-Risk, CSI, Fidelity ADT and Tactical Edge joined the operation.

Several crime hot spot areas were identified for their high number of burglaries, robberies and drug related crimes were visited.

The operation started in an open field adjacent to the N1 highway in Waterkloof where there have been a high number of residential burglaries as well as robberies on the highway.

Pitch dark, armed with torches and firearms, officers moved into the rocky and bushy terrain. Whilst several vagrants managed to flee, 11 were found and taken for fingerprint scanning to see if they were wanted for any crimes. Several knives were confiscated.

Police also raided a known drug den, an abandoned house in Brooklyn where more that 30 people were found.

Dozens of used heroin needles were found with alcohol swabs, nyoape pipes and other drug paraphernalia. However, no drugs were found when police meticulously combed the dilapidated house.

As part of the same operation, Brooklyn police conducted a tracing operation on older cases which bore fruit as a wanted criminal was found and arrested.

“A 23-year-old man was arrested at 04:30 on a theft case. The crime was committed last month in Newlands,” said police spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach.

It is alleged that he stole clothing worth R20 000.00 from his landlord.

Brigadier Kushie Nair, Station Commander for Brooklyn SAPS thanked all involved in the operation and said it is not always about the number of arrests that are made but an operation is also regarded as successful when crime is prevented from happening.

Weilbach said this was not the first operation of its kind and that it definitely wouldn’t be the last.

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