President Robert Mugabe was rumoured to have died on Wednesday morning, claims which have been dismissed by his office.

The rumours which have been rubbished by the President’s Office, took social networks by storm Wednesday morning into the afternoon. The message claimed Mugabe who has ruled Zimbabwe for 35 years to date, “failed to wake up early Wednesday morning and medics are right now battling to raise him up.” It also added that his wife, Grace was found by aides “wailing for her husband”.

The development comes soon after footage emerged of Mugabe struggling to walk with his wife, Grace having to patiently direct his steps.

“Afa uyu musamumutse – he has died he must not wake up,” wrote one Facebooker(name withheld for their protection) claiming on Wednesday.

The President’s office has however scoffed at the story saying “it is totally malicious and false”.

The development also comes after another rumour spread yesterday that former Malawi President Bakili Muluzi has died, a story dismissed by the Malawi government as false and without any merit.

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