​DIVOROSONG IS known for hard drinking and cheap punani.And now, businesswoman Carinah has the men lining up to buy her special drink that provides energy when it matters most.


The magoshas who work in the bushes behind the Divorosong tavern in Rooiwal, Tshwane said they were happy that Carinah Sithole sells her special muthi near their spot.

“Our customers take a longer time, which is not so good for business,” said a woman who called herself Nomsa.

Vuka Vuka

“But then they soon come back, and that’s very good for business.”

She said they make sure their customers are satisfied and soon they’re back for more.

“They mostly come back to us at night. They come to buy muthi and punani,” she said.

Vuka Vuka is a traditional drink that helps men maintain erections and last for a long time.

The magoshas wait eagerly for their clients and the clients are attracted by the muthi. They pick up their drinks before they pick up the girls.

While Daily Sun visited Carinah, motorists and pedestrians were coming to buy the muthi. She said they get many customers every day.

“I mix the muthi myself,” she said, adding that it was not only to help men with magoshas. It works for women at home as well because their men stay strong much longer.

“Some of the men say they are embarrassed because they don’t buy it for the magoshas.

“They buy it to take home to their wives.”

She said the original Vuka Vuka comes from Mozambique but she refused to mention even one of the ingredients.

One of the customers said that although he does not visit magoshas it helps him.

“When I drink it, it makes my wife very happy.

“She knows we will be celebrating our own Christmas any time of the year,” he said.

Carinah said she has been selling the muthi for two months and her business is doing well.

“I make all the people happy,” she said.

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