An Alabama man has filed a lawsuit in which he claims he went for a circumcision and woke up to find his p*nis had been removed.

Johnny Lee Banks Jnr claims he went in for a routine circumcision at Princeton Baptist Medical Center and his p*nis was mistakenly amputated by surgeons.

The lawsuit, which Banks filed with his wife Zelda, says that the man was never provided with an explanation as to why his penis was removed and was not warned that the circumcision procedure could result in an amputation.

“When the plaintiff awoke from his aforesaid surgical procedure, his p*nis was amputated. The plaintiffs never gave consent for the complete or partial amputation of his penis,” read the lawsuit.

The man named the hospital, two clinics and two doctors as the defendants in the lawsuit, saying they were negligent in failing to seek assistance when difficulties arose during the procedure.

The man’s wife has claimed loss of consortium. 

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