Love is the best gift we have from God and remember that God is love. I stand here today writing this short story of love and betrayal. It all started when I was in high school when I met this really beautiful girl. I loved her the moment I saw her, I know lots of people don’t believe in love at first sight and I didn’t either but that day I knew I was in love when I saw that sparkle in her eyes. I wanted her and she was my first love. Ooh yeah my name is Billy and her name is Grace.

I didn’t have the confidence to talk to her so I wrote her a letter and she said she felt the same way. From that day we were inseparable. It really was amazing to spend time with this girl, I was deeply in love. Six years down the line we got married, I was a junior manager at a bank and she was still in university doing her final year.

We were happy and had lots of fun and we were planning to have a family of our own when just one day she dropped the bomb on me.

Grace: I need a divorce, this is not working for me?

Billy: hey stop playing like that

Grace: no I am sorry to say I am not playing, I love you I truly do, it’s just that we met when we were young, I never got to have any fun and up to now you are the only man I know. I want to explore the world and see other people and because I love you too much I have to let you go because I don’t want to cheat on you.

Billy: That’s not fair Grace, we had lots of fun and I thought you valued our marriage.

Grace: I am sorry but that just the way it is for me

I was hurt, heartbroken and I felt like a sword had just pierced through my heart. I wanted to cry but I could I was too surprised to cry. I thought my life was over, I didn’t know what to do or who to talk to? I thought of killing myself but I said told myself she wasn’t worth it.

And so I took the sad news and within a month we were divorced, all those years of happiness gone in one day. I focused on my work and in no time I was a manager and was doing well in life but I never thought I could love again.

Its true god is love, the day I opened my heart to the Lord I knew I could love again and I hoped this time I will not go wrong. It was now 4 years since I last saw or heard from Grace and I thought it was high time I move on and look for a wife to settle down with. Whatever I did it seem I was looking at the wrong places, I even tried online dating sites but no one seemed good enough for me. So I thought of praying about it and it was long before my prayers were answered.

It was Sunday and as usual I went to church and the service was wonderful, I noticed this lady who looked very familiar but I dismissed the thoughts seeing that it wasn’t the right time or place. My mind kept going back to her and I wondered where I knew her from and another thought said: “she looks exactly like Grace” but I didn’t want to entertain such thoughts.

When the service was over, I saw that lady walking straight up to me and it really was Grace. I didn’t know what to do, whether to be happy or sad so I simply said hie.

Grace: how are you doing? Do you mind if we chat for a bit?

Billy: no it’s fine we can chat,

Grace: Let’s go somewhere private

Billy: ok

The two left the church and went and sat in the nearby park and started talking, Grace went first.

Grace: I know I am the last person you want to see right now but I had to talk to you. I am so sorry for what I did four years ago, (tears start to form in her eyes as she says this) I betrayed you, I betrayed your love and trust.

Billy: no need to cry G its water under the bridge already, I have moved on and I am sure you have also.

Grace: that’s the point Billy, I haven’t moved on, I still love you and I still want to be with you.

Billy: hello, earth to Grace!!! I mean wtf, you wait 4 years to tell me you love me, are you now tired of exploring and all the men out there?

Grace: Please just hear me out, (she takes out her cellphone and calls someone in within 10 mins a car with my mother and father drives by with a small child who looked exactly like me) This is the reason why I can never move on, that night I told you I wanted a divorce I didn’t know I was pregnant with you son. When we were divorced I noticed I was pregnant but I didn’t know what to say to you because I knew you were angry. So I moved out of town and I have been looking for the best time to tell you this, so I went to your parents’ house and they told me to try the church.

Billy: you were pregnant? I don’t believe this

Grace: yes I was pregnant and if you will have us back please, for your son’s sake. He has been asking questions of where you are so I brought him. Please be a father to your son, our son.

Billy: so you expect me to just forgive and forget just like that

Grace: No Billy I expect you to forgive me and give us a chance, I know the love you felt for me because I felt it too and I know that deep down its still there.

Billy: I loved you Grace and I still love you and for our son’s sake I will give you a chance but what guarantee do I have that you won’t want to explore again.

Grace: trust me I am done exploring.

We hugged and kissed and got into the car with my parents and we went home. That night I prayed to God and my prayer went like this:

“I thank you Lord for all the blessings that you keep giving me, I asked for a wife and today I met up with Grace again. Second time in my life, if you say she is the right one for me please Lord bless this union and make us grow old together. Bless our son and guide him. I thank you Lord, AMEN”

It’s been 15 year now since me and Grace got back together, Grace never stopped exploring, but this time she was exploring me and her 2 sons. We are happily married and we thank God. I learnt that God only gives us what we deserve and at the right time. Everyone deserves to be happy in life and know that they is that special someone out there waiting for you to say hie or smile.

Thank you for reading my sad love story.

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