You don’t know that you are a lost son until you get in trouble and really need some help. Juliet is a girl I met in the bus when I was travelling to Lagos.

She was seating in the front seat of the bus as I was in the back seat. I was so much interested in her and that I decided to approach her for a talk. We talked for few minutes as we exchanged our phone numbers.

Since then, we used to talk and chat every night, and shared ideas. One day I decided say the word “love” to her. She had no objection to that and we planned for a date. I asked her if it could be possible we visit our parents. But since she was a busy lady, working in the National Bank, she just replied, “it would not be possible”

I stayed with her for seven year in town. Without even getting kids. We lived a happy life that I forgot about my PARENTS and the family. One day, I got seriously sick, and I was admitted at the general hospital. Juliet thought I was infected with H.I.V AIDS because I was very weak.

So, she decided to run away and left me at the hospital to die. My MOM came to rescue me, I don’t know how or who told her that I was sick. She attended to me until I got well. When I returned to my house, that I used to stay with Juliet, I was shocked to find that all my properties were missing and the house was empty.

I tried to reach police for them to investigate. And after investigations they told me that Juliet had taken her property. They also told me that, “according to the investigation, I owned nothing.” My MOM took me to the Village and accepted me as her LOST SON.

Sometimes people may come to our life, but we should know who are true friends and who are not. Also we must value our family and always keep in touch with them

Blood is stronger than water. So, we should never forget our Mother, they are

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