The leaked n*ked pictures of Pulane Lenkoe has sparked a fierce debate on whether jilted lovers who expose their ex’s images should be criminally charged. Times Live Facebook followers weigh in on the debate.

For Benny Zakhele it is not enough that hours spent slaving away in the gym lead to a fit physique and healthier lifestyle. He wants to admire his physical hard work and the best way to do that is to take a selfie. He calls it self-appreciation and does not see anything wrong with sharing this with his loved ones.

“It’s not a crime to take a photo of my achievements. And some of us do send n*ked pics to our partners, its like phone s’ex, only with pictures in this case. So the person does not have the right to leak those pics, its violating right to privacy, and in-dignifying that person.”

Hlumi MaFaku Ngqola agrees with Zakhele and believes that the person who leaked 31-year-old Pulane Lenkoe’s nudes should be charged for infringement of personality and dignity.

Kate Kelebogile shares the same sentiments, she says the public scrutiny caused by having personal nude snaps leaked has led to some buckling under pressure and committing suicide.

Duduzile Khumalo is also unequivocal in her stance that nude photo leakers should be charged.

“The intention is to humiliate the individual and the repercussions could be major. This lady is studying law.. how is she supposed to maintain her dignity under these circumstances when this sort of thing could potentially jeopardise her chances of working for reputable law firm?”

But several Facebook users were of the opinion that the pursuing a police case would be a futile as police are already over burdened and more ‘serious’ crimes are on the rise.

Thabiso T Man Serape said: “SAPS cannot go around looking for thousands of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter people who leak pictures of so called friends of them while people of S.A affects by daily crime. There are rapists, drug dealers, serial killers & other things that we have to deal with.”

Anthea La Grange opined that a more rehabilitative approach should be taken instead of jail time. She cites community service in shelters for abused women and children.

Social media law expert Emma Sadleir said Lenkoe could sue her ex for infringement of privacy, lay a charge of crimen injuria, or even get a protection order under the Protection from Harassment Act.

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