South Africa President Jacob Zuma yesterday was sitting with his counsel and discussed on how  to stop the spreading of HIV and by doing so, people who will be caught cheating or having more than one partner, will be found guilty and therefore will be jailed for 5 years, President Zuma agreed upon all this on purpose of helping South Africa Youth Population from dying young, he then said,

“I Know This  Will Help Our Youth’s Future” Some people would agree more on this, others will disagree but do you think its a good idea? we both know how cheating has  been more random issue but will this law bill be helpful or it will it increases more chances  of people cheating, I don’t know what you  have on mind with this law bill, Some of the counsel members said more men cheat and so it wont be fair for men than women, but do you agree men cheat  more  than women or we both equal?

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