It’s always such a chore to read anything about the remarkably ridiculous feud between Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner, and that’s because, at the root of it all, is their issue is Tyga. Guys … Tyga. Blac Chyna was involved with him, even had a child with him, before they split and he got with Kylie. That’s two women (or, well, one woman and one girl) getting themselves all worked up over this sketchy jackass. And why? What does Tyga have that is so desirable? Does he have some special quality that he never, ever shows to the public? Does he have some good knock-knock jokes? What could it be?

Blac Chyna

Whatever it is, it’s enough for Chyna to post racy photos like the one above, along with the comment “I know u Miss me” with some kiss mark emojis. And while sure, she might be talking about someone else, with as much as she seems to care about Tyga’s current relationship, it would be a pretty solid guess that this is about him. Also, if we need further proof that Tyga is on her mind, take a look at this photo that Kylie posted yesterday:

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