Police say they have arrested a suspect involved in the murder of two men near Jeppestown in central Johannesburg.

Earlier today the pair was confronted by a gunman who accused them of theft.

The police’s Lungelo Dlamini said, “The suspect has handed himself over and will be charged with murder and will appear in court on Monday.”

Jeppestown has been a hotspot for xenophobic attacks and the looting of both local and foreign owned shops.

Clashes between foreigners, locals and police erupted in KwaZulu-Natal over a week ago and have since spread to other parts of the country including Johannesburg.

The building where two South African men were gunned has been cordoned off by police and there are crowds of people at the scene.

According to witnesses several gunshots were heard this morning, and an unconfirmed number of men were seen fleeing the scene on foot.

Meanwhile, the police’s Lungelo Dlamini has squashed speculation that these killings are related to xenophobic attacks in the area.

He says it’s as a result of a feud over money.

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