Owning a black and white television set in the 90’s was a tremendous achievement especially to the rural folk.

It was the kind of achievement that inserted tennis balls underneath your shoes.

I still vividly remember, as young boys we used to jostle for strategic positions in front of a black and white TV just to get a glimpse of the then famous ‘Power Rangers’. However out of hard work we managed to hit the dust roads and eventually ended up in the city where everything moved step by step until now. To some of us getting into a cinema to watch a movie on a big screen for the first time has been an achievement considering where we came from but to some it sounds ridiculous.

Watching a James Bond film too for the first time on a big screen warranted the same excitement. The screening of the James Bond movie, Spectre on Wednesday evening courtesy of the British Embassy and Premier Auto at Ster Kinekor, took me back to the life of yesteryear.

The screening was a glamorous occasion well attended by most prominent executives who either came to catch a glimpse of the movie or to see the performance of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, which premièred in the movie.

The British vehicle manufacturing companies were well represented in the movie vindicating their marketing strategies, which most people think were exaggerated.

A line up of Land Rover vehicles, including the Range Rover Sport SVR and Defender provided by Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, featured in Spectre the 24th James Bond adventure.

The highly capable Defenders were constructed by the Special Operations division and feature huge 37 inch diameter off-road tyres to tackle the extreme terrain. They also feature bespoke suspension and enhanced body protection.

Range Rover Sport SVR, which featured in the film is the fastest and most powerful Land Rover ever and alongside is the Jaguar C-X75 concept vehicle which featured in a spectacular car chase in part of the movie in Rome. These vehicles follow in a long line of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in the Bond adventures. This is an exciting partnership for Jaguar Land Rover and an opportunity to demonstrate the fantastic capabilities of the Special Operations team. The movie also features a high-speed, moonlit car chase through the streets of Rome, where Hinx (popularly known as Batista in the wrestling circles) pursues Bond’s Aston Martin in a Jaguar C-X75.

james bond

The C-X75 took centre stage in the movie but there speculation is rife that Jaguar has decided against putting it into production.

The Range Rover Sport SVR uses a 5,0-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine and can accelerate from 0-62 mile per hour in just 4,5 seconds, while the Defender Bigfoot has huge, 37 inch diameter off road tyres and is designed to tackle extreme terrain. The rugged Defender was set up by the Special Operations division of Land Rover, and has been outfitted with everything from one off fuel cells for elongated shoot times to 37 inch diameter off road tires for tackling extreme terrain and adding to their imposing stance. These monster trucks may not be the most fuel-efficient things on the planet, but when it comes to overcoming obstacles, these modified versions have all the capacity to win all the accolades.

The SVR in the film gets a ton of engine upgrades in order to make it even faster, and a mountain of off-road flare to keep stunt drivers firmly in control.

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