How I wish I could turn back the hands of time and change everything. I know I would have been happy with him but all that changed when I played him for a fool. He was the best man a lady can ask for, a real man, a true gentlemen who gave me all that I asked for but then my greed had the better of me and I wanted more.

My name is Viola and I was a happily married woman till last month when I was caught cheating. I had everything a woman could ask for, a good house, a good car and most of all a good man. I threw all that away and now I regret ever doing what I did.

We were married for almost 7 years and I cheated right from the beginning. Joe was my first boyfriend that I loved in every way possible and it didn’t take long before he proposed and we got married. We were happy and life was wonderful until that day that I allowed my long lost friend Casey to visit me. I welcomed her and we were playing catch up as we hadn’t seen each other for more than 10 years.

We talked about this and that until the subjected landed on Joe:

Viola: Joe is a very good man, a woman can’t ask for anything more.

Casey: girlfriend trust me, you are only saying that because you haven’t been out there. It’s good to stay innocent

Viola: I know what I am saying Case, Joe is the only one for me, him or no one else

Casey: girlfriend never say never, or maybe we must bet on it?

Viola: hahaha how much?

Casey: $20

Viola: just that? I am all in, what’s the bet?

Casey: the bet is spend time with a different man for maybe an hour, let him kiss or flirt a bit and you will tell me otherwise.

Viola: aaah Case that’s too much, firstly I don’t know anyone to spend time with and also I don’t want to put myself in a bad position

Casey: I knew you would say that, ok spend 30 mins with Ben my friend from work here at your house I will call him up

Viola: but do we really need to do this?

Casey: take it as a dare, it’s just a simple kiss anyway

I was tempted as I had never kissed any other guy except Joe. I said we are on to Casey and she called Ben to come over. I knew I was doing the wrong thing by even allowing myself to think about Ben, “I was happily married, was there any need for this?”

Ben didn’t take long to get to my house and Casey introduced us, he wasn’t bad looking at all. He was very charming and handsome, I was blushing. Casey excused herself and left us.

Ben was an expert at what he did, next thing I know we are kissing heavily and my top is off and before I can even stop him we had done the deed. I had cheated on Joe for what, a $20 bet. I felt very bad and I told him to leave.

Casey came back and I told her to leave also, I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I was feeling very guilty and angry at myself. That day I went to sleep early and I pretend to be sick when Joe arrived home from work. He took care of me and that made me feel worse.

2 weeks later I called Casey and asked for Ben’s number and in less than an hour we were busy at it again. From then on I was meeting Ben twice a week, seems I was addicted to sex with Ben. I don’t know why but I could not control myself when I was with him, I was crazy. Casey called me and told me to stop what I was doing but I told her to get out of my business.

We continued our afternoon sessions for more than 6 months until the day I was caught. Joe just arrived home early from work and caught us red handed in the act.

Joe: Viola! What is this? And to think we had something special!

Viola: aaarrggg  uuh  Joe it’s not what it seems like.

Joe: I trusted you and you repay me like this.

He just went out and left. He left everything and went and started a new life, I don’t know where. Next thing I got was divorce papers and I had no option than to sign them, I couldn’t contest anything because he left everything.

Now I sit and look at the sky and i wish could turn back the hands of time. He was a good husband and I lost him because I gave in to temptations. I lost both my husband and Casey, I had no friends to talk to. Here I am living in a very expensive house, garage full of cars but no one to share it with. Ben never spoke to me from that day on-wards, he just vanished.

I regret everything and I urge all those ladies out there to cherish what they have as it is a blessing from God. Don’t take your man’s love for granted or as a weakness. Being faithful is the foundation to a good relationship.


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  • nick

    Very big lesson