I was robbed by a N-AKED Hooker in Harare Avenues… Story by Jones Mshali. We received this short story from the above South African man who travelled to Harare to a work conference but was robbed and left penniless in the Avenues in Harare. I don’t know why he chose that area to quench his thirst considering the Hookers there once gave a warning that they will rob anything that moves…. Here is the story…

My first time in Harare was part good and part bad, there i was excited to finally go on a conference to Zimbabwe. I wanted to see things for myself and i also wanted to taste some Zimbabwean Flavours…. So i heard about this area called the Avenues and i went to check it out after the event at work. The area was packed with women of all shapes and sizes, thigh vendors they call them in Zim. I picked one a short one with a sly nawty smile. She looked sweet and so i thought. I asked for the prices and she replied with what sounded like a very nice voice… I chose to spend the night so she suggested i book a cab and directed me to her place. This is the point i should have sensed that something was wrong, she chose to take me to her place yet we could have gone to Holiday Inn where i was staying which was also closer…. When we got to her place, she switched on the lights and the place looked dirty on the outside but was classy inside, with a Samsung smart TV and the furniture was just amazing. I checked out the place as i got settled in. She went to the bathroom and came back wearing a lingerie number that looked like it was from a Victoria Secret catalog. I smile as all the ASSets were on display and she walked towards me and asked with a soft voice… “so what do you want MR?” I just moved my hands pointing at them ASSets and she smiled again touching the Assets saying “these?”. I was excited and but i didn’t know the excitement would be shot lived… She removed the sexxy night dress and threw it on the couch that i was sitting at… I looked at her from top to bottom and i didn’t want to look away… At that moment there was a loud noise and there it was… In came 2 men with knives and DEMANDED i empty my pockets. When i seemed reluctant, the N-aked Hooker walked upto to me and searched me and took all my money and wallet and bank cards… I noticed one thing though the other man looked like the taxi driver who gave us a lift. I was ordered to get up and was taken to the taxi and i was blindfolded. I was later dumped in an area called Mbare. I asked around and finally managed to get to Holiday inn the next morning…. That is my sad story… but hey she had an amazing set of B00BS…. 

I was robbed by a N-AKED Hooker in Harare Avenues

That is the sad story of this man but from the looks of it he had a good time just before he was robbed….


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