Music legend, Hugh Masekela, has denied that he has had to hire ‘weave police’ to protect him from fake-haired women.

Hugh is known for his traditional stance when it comes to dealing with female fans and their appearance.

But it seems some of his fans were shocked this past weekend when the musician allegedly refused to take pictures with them because they were wearing weaves. They even allege that he hired extra security to stop them and any  ‘hair pieces’ from approaching him.

Hugh was performing at Eyadinini in Umlazi on Saturday, and the venue’s owner, Mjey Zama told Sowetan “Usually we provide bouncers for any musician performing in our area. But Bra Hugh appealed for more bouncers to protect him from women with weaves.”

But Bra Hugh has shot down the rumours telling the paper that it’s simply not true!

“Why would I want to be protected? I can protect myself against the women,” he says.

“As someone who runs a foundation that seeks to restore culture and identity, I refuse to take photos with people with weaves. And I tell them that,” he adds.

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