“How could you leave me dad, how could you, how am I going to survive this world all alone?” I cried myself to sleep almost every day for 3 months. My father had passed away and left me with my step mother who was very mean to me when my dad was alive, I wondered how it would go now that he was gone. “Who is going to be my guardian angel now?”

My father was always there to my rescue whenever step mom wanted to punish me for God knows what, to her I was always wrong in whatever I did be it chores or my very own homework. I tried to be positive in my thinking but now that my dad had died I didn’t know what I was going to do. I lacked the strength to go on.

I was recalling all this as I was sitting in my own living room waiting for my husband to come back home from work. He was now my new found guardian angel who took me in and fed me, clothed me and sent me to school. Death can be a turning point in our lives and I learnt this the hard way staying with my step mom.

It didn’t take long for her to get married again to this horrible man. I say horrible because he abused me every chance he got, she knew she did nothing about it. I was only 12 when my dad died, I left school because step mom would not pay for my fees. I had no one to turn to so I just to stick around with step mom and her new found love.

I had nothing to do except for chores and chores. I stayed at home for 4 years and was now a young woman. One day my step father came home drunk and tried to rape me but I managed to escape. That was my cue to leave, I packed the little I had and left. I had nowhere to go so I just roamed the streets.

I stayed in the streets eating from dustbins for more than 6 months until my guardian angel found me. It was raining and I had no shelter, from nowhere a man close to my age showed up. He asked me why I was in the rain and I said I had nowhere to go and so he took me to his house, or rather his parent’s house.

What happened from then on shocked me, I was expecting to be chased out of their house once the rain stopped but the parents were very nice and gentle. They gave me food, clothing and a place to sleep that night. I didn’t know whether to be happy or not because I didn’t know how long this paradise would last for.

In the morning they spoke to me and I told them how first my mother died when she gave birth to me and how later my dad died when I was 12. I told them about my abusive step parents and how he tried to rape me. “I had to run away, I don’t know what wrong I did to this world, but I could not stick around for him to rape me” tears were forming in my eyes as I said this.

It turned out that the father was a nice man as he said, “don’t worry about the past and you didn’t do anything wrong to the world, it’s just that bad things happen to good people, just thank your guardian angel Peter who found you”

They took me in and provided everything for me and I was very grateful. I went back to school and passed all my subjects. I spent lots of time with Peter who helped me in anything that I needed. His parents treated me as their own daughter but what I felt for Peter defied all that. I loved the man, I loved him for helping me that rainy day, and I loved him for being my guardian angel.

I was now 25 years old and I had spent almost 7 years staying with Peter and his parents, life was back on track, I was working and everything was fine. Peter spoke to his father and he gave us his blessing to get married and we did. The wedding was fantastic and now I am enjoying my life with my guardian angel.

Death really was my turning point, I lost my father and mother but it was not the end of my life. Peter saved me and now I am happy again. I thank Peter and his family for taking me in and teaching me lots of things and most of all to pray. They told me that with the Lord everything is possible and now I see that. I always make the effort to help those in need because most of them did not choose the life they have now. Develop a helping hand also and save a life.

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