The drama trended on Twitter for ten hours after emotionally charged scenes of suicide were broadcast.

Viewers watched as Asanda Foji’s character, Simphiwe killed herself just before getting married to her fiancé.

While guests waited for Simphiwe, the groom, Mazwi rushed to her changing room where he found her in an upright position, dead and covered in blood.

The scene caused quite a stir on Twitter as viewers have followed the storyline of Simphiwe who falls for her fiancé’s brother and comes close to eloping with him. However, she decides against it and opts to commit suicide on her wedding day.

The scene ends tragically with Mazwi besides himself as the guests watch Simphiwe’s lifeless body wheeled away by emergency services.

The drama has explored heavy societal issues of late, focusing on infidelity, depression and peer pressure. Ex Generations publicist, Nyagunda Chauke said in an interview with Destiny magazine that this was imperative.

“As long as people are talking we are happy. It means they are watching. If they have nothing to say then we are not doing our job. What’s amazing is that with story lines like these, our viewership figures go up.

“Also, these story lines bring to the fore many issues that we face in our society. Generations explores this through their story lines and forces people to get out of their comfort zone.”

The response to the episode was mixed on social media:

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