The public broadcaster did not take Sbu Leope’s marketing stunt lightly- they have dismissed him from the station.

Leope brazenly promoted his energy drink on stage at the Metro FM awards last month.

This guerrilla marketing tactic was not taken lightly by Metro FM and the SABC who suspended him shortly thereafter for failing to follow orders.

Presenters at the awards were strictly advised to not wear branded clothing or promote any brands other than that of official sponsors.

According to Sunday World, Leope was given his dismissal papers last week Tuesday.

Leope has said that he is not looking into any other offers at the moment as he is loyal to the SABC and wants to work on one of their radio platforms again.

Since launching his energy drink, Leope has had to contend with his suspension and a Forbes cover saga which saw him use a fake cover created by a fan as his Facebook profile pictures. He has since reached an agreement with Forbes.

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