FIRST, Jojo Sambo was shot in his leg by his best friend for eating the tasty brains of his half-skop.

Treated and discharged, Jojo’s story was published in Daily Sun back in December 2011.

Today, he is lying in hospital again after being shot – in the same leg!

This time the bullet was fired by thugs who robbed members of his stokvel of their hard-earned cash.

Members of Puseletso Cry Social Club have been pledging their money every week in order to save between R800 and R5 000 for each member for the year.

On Monday they were supposed to share their yearly savings of R92 000 and gathered at a local tavern.

The members were still happily chatting about how they would spend their cash on groceries and stationery for their kids, when two unexpected visitors arrived.

According to Puseletso Khanini, everyone thought the two men were detectives when they entered the premises.

“They were neatly dressed and seemed like nice guys,’” she said.

One of them even bought a beer.

Then, just as the stokvel members were about to get their money, all hell broke loose!

The two men pulled out guns and demanded the money. They ordered people to lie down.

Jojo tried to save them and the money.

“He punched one of the thugs, but the thug beat him with the gun on his head. He lost strength and fell down.

“Then the thug shot him in the leg!

“We all panicked. The men took all the money and fled,” she said.

Jojo was rushed to Dr George Mukhari Hospital where he was immediately operated on.

The SunTeam was unable to speak to him as he was still recovering from surgery.

Ga-Rankuwa police spokesman Warrant Officer Matthews Nkoadi said a case of armed robbery and attempted murder was being investigated.

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