According to police estimates, around 450 people have gathered outside Parliament this morning, with posters and banners reading ‘Zuma Must Fall’.

Crowds have gathered outside Parliament, to show their support for a campaign against President Jacob Zuma.

The campaign, calling on Zuma to either step aside or for the African National Congress to recall him, gained momentum on social media after last week’s reshuffle fiasco.

South Africa got three finance ministers in four days after Zuma’s shock decision to axe Nhlanhla Nene last week.



The National Anthem was sung a short while ago, signaling the official start of the protest.

Demonstrators will walk to the nearby Company’s Garden where several speakers will address them.

Organiser and stay at home mom,  Kerry Nelson says this is democracy at work.

“I think when everyone was seeing what was happening on the markets, and how much money we lost over a weekend, it really was a joke. I think that was what the breaking point was for South Africans. We are standing against this now.”

Last week’s reshuffle debacle has spurred ordinary citizens, already discontent with Zuma’s leadership, to raise their voices and say enough is enough.


Zuma must fall
#ZumaMustFall marchers on the Mandela Bridge
Johannesburg CBD – crowd gathering #ZumaMustFall

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