The gigantic Zuma Must Fall billboard causing a buzz on social media may land its funders in hot water with the City of Cape Town.

At about midday on Friday‚ an anonymous billboard went up on a building in trendy Kloof street in Cape Town CBD‚ just above the McDonalds store.

The spot has seen some of the most creative billboards in the city but today’s billboard with the wording “Zuma Must Fall” caused an uproar.

City of Cape Town spokesman Priya Reddy said in a statement the billboard was illegal.

“The large billboard which has been erected by a private party on private property in the central city does not comply with the City of Cape Town’s Outdoor Advertising and Signage By-law. The billboard has also been erected in contravention of the National Building Regulations and Standards Act‚” said Reddy.

She said the city did not receive an application for the billboard and that the city has handed the matter over for prosecution.

“The City views the non-compliance with our by-laws and national legislation in a very serious light. In general‚ an application which is in contravention of these regulations would not be supported‚” she said.

Earlier‚ speculation was rife on social media‚ with many saying accusing the DA of having sponsored the billboard but the party’s spokesperson‚ Phumzile Van Damme‚ denied that her party had anything to do with the billboard.

Dave Brien‚ manager of the building‚ said the body corporate of the building had rented out the advertising space to Independent Outdoor Media and didn’t know who put up the billboard.

“We don’t know who paid for the advert. I just saw it being put up‚” he said‚ adding that he had not received complaints from the building tenants yet.

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