While Mzansi Magic has issued a statement admitting to an incident of ‘séxual’ indecency, a contestant in the house has claimed she was raped.

Two housemates left the Big Brother house on Monday after Mzansi Magic issued a statement that Adams real name Siyanda Ngwenya was involved in ‘séxual’ misconduct and Bexx had been removed for her personal safety.

However, according to IOL, Bexx has made a claim of rape against Adams. The incident is said to have occurred during a party at the Big Brother house. Contestants have access to alcohol at these gatherings and there is no limit to the amounts each contestant can take.

The website reports that Bexx and Adams were seen flirting, drinking and finally retired to bed together. The two were spotted kissing and cuddling, at that point the Big Brother cameras moved away.

Adams apparently boasted about having ‘séx’ with Bexx the next day. He told housemates: “I dipped her but don’t think she remembers because she passed out.”

This is contrary to what Bexx experienced as she told housemates she had not consented to ‘séx’ with Adams.

Mzansi Magic has since released another statement.

“At this stage it is not exactly clear what transpired between Bexx and Adams. Having suspected that there may have been an incident of sexual misconduct, Mzansi Magic acted by removing both individuals from the house.

“Currently, Bexx and Adams are receiving support and assistance from Mzansi Magic. They are both in the care of professionals and have been given the opportunity to contact family and friends,” read the statement.

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