Anyone who posted, or even shared, the now infamous picture of Pulane Lenkoe on social media could face criminal charges.

This warning by the Film and Publications Board also applies to anyone who posts or shares videos of schoolyard fights, assaults or other forms of violence on social media platforms in terms of a draft online regulation policy expected to come into effect soon.

Last month a ‘naked’ picture of Lenkoe was posted on Twitter, presumably by an ex-boyfriend. The picture was widely shared and gave Lenkoe, 31, a law student and girlfriend of Orlando Pirates soccer player Thandani Ntshumayelo, celebrity and infamy.

Speaking in Durban yesterday, FPB chief operating officer Sipho Risiba said that anyone who posted or shared the picture would find themselves in hot water.

“These people must be identified. Service providers will be used to find the first person to post the picture. They will be dealt with harshly,” said Risiba.

The policy makes provision for various service providers such as Vodacom and MTN to be contacted to obtain personal details of anyone who posts and shares images or videos without permission.

Risiba added that the sharing of schoolyard fight videos and other incidents of violence will also result in criminal charges.

“If you assault someone and you take that video and upload that video that is a continuation of that assault. It’s crimen injuria.”

Vodacom and MTN said yesterday they would release information if due process was followed.

Childline national director Joan van Niekerk warned that the “criminalising” of the posting of fights could be counterproductive.

“I don’t think this is useful for children, and not sensible in terms of changing behaviours,” she said.

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