Another case of alleged police brutality has been exposed after a YouTube video emerged thrusting Douglasdale police into the spotlight again.

At about 3.30am on August 18, Shane* and Anton* became the latest victims in a spate of alleged police brutality incidents.

Their faces were blacked out to protect their identity as they told of the horrors they endured.

“The police vehicle pulled up behind us, they told us to get out of the car. I climbed out and Anton was a bit slower and they pulled him out aggressively,” Shane recalls.

“One pulled out a gun and said if we move he’ll kill us. Police then hit Anton in the head twice and also hit him with (the butt of) a gun. Both police officers then tried to choke Anton until he fell unconscious.”

Shane managed to start recording the incident on his cellphone.

Anton could be heard calling for help as the officers strangled him. “Help… I can’t breathe,” he said.

Later in the video, Shane was heard crying as the officers were filmed pulling down Anton’s pants and sexually abusing him from the front and back while he was unconscious. “I was crying because I couldn’t do anything to help Anton.”

During the video interview, Anton was too traumatised to speak about the incident. He sustained injuries to his head, face, leg and neck. “We don’t know why they attacked us… maybe it was because we were alone,” Shane said.

Douglasdale police spokesman Warrant Officer Balan Muthan confirmed that a case had been opened by the complainant and that they were investigating the incident.

National spokeswoman for the Independent Police Investigative Directorate Grace Langa confirmed that the case had been reported.

“This morning the docket will be analysed and allocated to an investigator for further investigation.”

Douglasdale police station has been under scrutiny following several recent incidents.

In June, a man committed suicide at the back of a police van by hanging himself with his own shoelaces.

In March, Douglasdale officers allegedly refused to help a restaurant manager who wanted to lay a charge against their colleague.

In February, Tactical Response Team members were dispatched to the station to disarm some of its officers. This was after a stand-off between the officers and the station commander, Brigadier Leon Kruger. The officers accused Kruger and a Colonel Swart of using the k-word.

* Not their real names.

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