7 Things Most Couples Fight About….


Let’s face it, couples fight about séx. She’d rather read a book then get busy at night or he wants some fun in the morning. Resolve this fight by agreeing to different times, such as when he gets home from work or an hour after she’s woken up and had a cup of joe.

#2 Politics

Political views can cause a doosey of a fight between couples. The best way to avoid fights about politics is to agree to disagree or have a discussion about how important this topic is to the two of you.

#3 Money

Money is the number one reason why couples get into fights. Solve the money problem by meeting in the middle. The spender can agree to spend less and the frugal one can afford to part with some cash.

#4 Kids

Married couples get into fights about how to raise the kids. Should they get disciplined this way or how much money should we spend on them… Draft up an agreement on how to handle your children and stick to it.

#5 Stress

Stress buildup can cause explosive fights between couples. Prevent this argument from starting in the first place by practicing stress reduction techniques. Take a walk with your partner and learn how to take deep breaths when you’re starting to feel wigged out.

#6 Religion

Religious views are personal and this can get a couple in trouble in a relationship. Especially when they don’t agree on what religion to adopt. Respecting each other is the key to solving religion-based issues.

#7 Vacation

Vacation fights cause rifts in otherwise solid relationships. Studies show that women want to spend time relaxing while away from the daily grind while guys tend to want to fit in as much activities as they can. Solve vacation spats by splitting how you spend time down the middle or let your partner go on his or her own for the day.

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