Zimbabwe – 2 Plumtree police officers were caught on camera demanding a bribe from a cross border transporter at the Plumtree Border Post. The officers, Fume Chibvuri, 32, and Aaron Zivuku, 27, who are both attached to the Police Internal Security Intelligence (PISI) section at Plumtree Police Station, were outmaneuvered by Gift Moyo of Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park suburb who recorded them demanding payment to allow him to pass through the border.

“On 14 July around 3PM the two police officers were deployed at the Plumtree Border Post. Moyo arrived driving a Toyota Grand hiace on his way to Bulawayo from Botswana and he went through all border formalities.

Upon reaching the entrance gate he was approached by Chibvuri and Zivuku who demanded money from him. They threatened to arrest him if he didn’t comply,” said Phiri.

Fume Chibvuri, Aaron Zivuku

She said Moyo pointed out to the two officers that he did not have money on him but they insisted until he gave them a $20 note.“The two officers refused to give him change but instead demanded more money, saying it was for their workmate Constable Musiiwa who wasn’t with them,” she said.

The prosecutor said the pair again threatened to arrest Moyo if he did not give them more money.She said after realising that the police officers were bent on extorting him of more money, Moyo then recorded them on video using his cellphone.

Phiri said the video recording could be played in court as evidence.The Chronicle managed to obtain two video clips from Moyo showing the police officers separately demanding money from him.

In one of the video recordings, Moyo is confronted by Cst Musiiwa who orders passengers to disembark from the vehicle to leave the driver alone inside.

Moyo goes on to handover some money to the police officer and indicates that it was $30.An unsatisfied Cst Musiiwa, however, demands $20 more.

‘’I can see that this is $30 but I’m saying produce an additional $20 more. Come on bring the money,’’ says Cst Musiiwa persistently.Moyo insists that he does not have the money and indicates that he has to bribe other police officers and leaves.

The other video recording shows Moyo being confronted by Chibvuri and Zivuku who tell him to give them money so that he could go through.

‘’I want a lot of money from you. Smuggling is one offence which we can’t allow to go by unnoticed without a payment being made,’’ says Zivuku.

Moyo goes on to plead with the officers to reduce the amount saying business has been low.The officers tell Moyo that the amount he has given them is not enough for them to share.

It is not clear if Musiiwa would be taken to court.Corruption has become a common feature at the country’s border posts where officials are facilitating criminal activities in exchange for bribes.

An immigration officer in Plumtree was recently arrested by police in Botswana after he was found in illegal possession of 70 Zimbabwean passports belonging to different people.Mncedisi Ngwenya, 34, who was the Principal Immigration Officer in charge of Mpoengs Border Post, is alleged to have been involved in a scam of illegally extending days for Zimbabweans working in the neighbouring country.

It is alleged that he would collect passports and stamp them to extend the days at a fee of 100 pula per passport.

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